Energy and Identity

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What am I listening to while writing : Muse – Absolution



All is just a matter of energy.

The universe is Energy. We are Energy...

And these days, I just terribly lack of it. And I know why... The most disturbing is that I know why.

Dependency... Lack of disciplin. I know what I should do, but somehow I do not do it...


The other day, this girl, that we will call Cristina, she told me... Do what you are, and Be what you do. Yeah, I know.

But why the fuck am I not doing it!

Why the fuck am I refusing to live!

Why the fuck do I keep on doing things that are not what I am!


Why the fuck do I keep on acting as if I was afraid of something, when there is nothing I am afraid of!

Why am I damned playing Mr. Lookatmeamniceandlightandfunny, when I am so deeply only interested in significant, spiritual, mindblowing relationships!

Why the fuck am I keeping on wanting to be loved by everyone, when I have no interest in the vast majority of the “others”!


And, before all, why the fuck am I asking all those questions, when I know all of the answers!


Just stop knowing who you are, just be who you are!

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