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Myself and Love

Listening to : Pauline Croze – Mise à nue The worst thing that could happen to me these days is falling strongly in love with someone. Unless the someone is somehow exceptional, and even... This period is crucial to review the defintion of me, myself...

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C'est grave docteur ?

Listening to : Muse – Absolution Mode de pensée : Intraverti Diagnostic: Doit aller vers les autres Traitement : Eviter la vie rurale ou alors avec une connexion très haut débit Péché mignon : Se regarder le nombril Diagnostic : Regarder les autres Traitement:...

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Energy and Identity

What am I listening to while writing : Muse – Absolution All is just a matter of energy. The universe is Energy. We are Energy... And these days, I just terribly lack of it. And I know why... The most disturbing is that I know why. Dependency... Lack...

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Welcome to Karmacoma

" You sure you want to be with me I've nothing to give Won’t lie and say this lovin's best Well leave us in emotional pace Take a walk, taste the rest No, take a rest I see you digging a hole in your neighborhood You’re crazy but you’re lazy I need to...

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